A real X-mas tree for X-mas

We breed and we sell Christmas trees in the Italian part of Tyrol, close to the Swiss and Austrian border. Our core-tree is the Nordmann fir, but the Korean fir and the Colorado fir grow as well on our fields. We started 8 years ago after the heritage of some acres of sloped fields in the Alps, and lost the 4 first years because no one could give us a manual how to breed fir trees for Christmas in this valley, called Vinschgau. So we got taught the hard way, by trial and error. The valley name Vinschgau goes back to Emperor Carolus Magnus.

An accurate fir tree for Christmas is a must, and the Nordmann fir always meets up with the requirements of long lasting green, bushy and well grown Christmas tree. This trees keep their fir needles in the heated houses and apartments during the winter and their soft fir needles makes them perfect for a stunning Christmas decoration. They should keep in shape at least until the 6th of January.

For that purpose the correct stand is necessary. The most famous producer in the world is the company Krinner from Strasskirchen in Bavaria. Every second day, fresh water has to be poored into the stand. Before dressing the tree into the stand, cut off one inch slice from the bottom of the stem, in order to keep the water flow open into the tree. If you add a 0,05€ coin into the water, the solved copper cations can help to keep the water ways into the tree longer open.

We send the trees and stands by the courier service BRT everywhere in Italy, Vatican and San Marino. The last day of send out is the 16th of December. We do not send trees to others then the named countries. But everyone is free to show up a tour Christmas tree sales stand at 39020 Spondinig in the Italian Alps, to make his own choice, helped by a free mulled wine from the 1st of December until the 23rd of December from 10:00 AM until 19:00 PM. The 24th of December we close at 13:00 PM. You will find as well a huge choice of Christmas decorations and Christmas tree stands.